Hellish Half-Light: The Shorter Plays of Samuel Becket

Mary Arrchie Theatre Company, 2014

They are all brought together into a pleasing whole, thanks to the director, Jennifer Markowitz. Her enormous theatre experience permits Markowitz to show us the beauty of the language Samuel Becket uses.
— Irish American News, 29 July 2014
Hellish Half-light, Mary-Arrchie Theatre at Angel Island, through Aug. 30. The Fabulous Beckett Boys in the 1990s, Signal Ensemble in the 2000s, and Jennifer Markowitz’ direction in this decade, prove that the plays of Samuel Becket don’t have to put you to sleep.
Windy City Times, 6 August 2014
Jennifer Markowitz has sequenced the pieces so effectively that their combined presentation has a rhythm that matches Beckett’s own merciless yet intoxicating cadence.
New City Stage, Raymond Rehayem, 28 July 2014