The return of Chicago expat Jennifer Markowitz, director of the multiple award-winning Never Come Morning and Hellcab in the 1990s, is alone sufficient to inspire confidence . . . Markowitz’s recent sojourn in England has rendered her as deft with enigmatic Euro-expressionism as with American realism, however.
— Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Media Group
The show has been directed with impressive physicality and heat by Jennifer Markowitz (“Hellcab”) . . .
— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times (Never Come Morning, Prop Thtr, Chicago)
Jennifer Markowitz’s riveting staging is a perfect match-a vintage Windy City story told with patented Chicago naturalism by a consummate cast . . .It doesn’t get any better than this . . .
— Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Tribune (Never Come Morning, Prop Thtr, Chicago)
Alternately frightening, hilarious and poignant, these sharply etched blackouts and cameos, directed by Jennifer Markowitz, are capped by a stunning and very touching final scene . . .
— Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune (Hellcab, Famous Door Theatre, Chicago)
Director Jennifer Markowitz is able to give a sense of urgency to the proceedings, creating action that lends a sense of people’s hopes and fears not evoked in the text.
— Christopher Meeks, Variety (Hellcab, Tamarind Theatre, LA)